Don't use an email address from your Internet service provider (ISP)


Often I come across clients who who have been using the same email address for years. It is hard to convince people to change it. Many people are attached to

With the wide availability of domain names and hosting services, there is no reason why a person should stick with an email address that their Internet service provider (ISP) can take away from them.

What is a domain name and why do I need one?

A domain name is an Internet address. is an example of a domain name. Many people that have existing web sites do not have their email set up through their domain name as well. You purchase a domain name through a registrar. I personally recommend Network Solutions, though there are many companies that sell domain names.

If you own you can set up email addresses through that name. Many people will have a web site, and still use an email address from their ISP.

Another benefit of having email at your domain name is that it can get people to visit your site. Seeing does not advertise your web site. Seeing can lead people to visit your site if they are curious.

Professional Appearance

It is important when people see your address that it appears to be professional. is an example of an email address that is not professional.


People often change their Internet connections. Many people used AOL back in the day as their dial up Internet service provider. Many of these people are moving to faster Internet connections. Why leave it up to someone else or some other company whether you can keep your email address?

When you own a domain name, you can have that email sent to whatever host you prefer. So you are free to change hosting companies at your convenience and you do not have to worry about losing your email address.

Printed Materials

People put their email addresses on their business cards. They put it on flyers. Even in ads and other printed materials. When you lose your address, you are losing a viable means of people contacting you. Imagine all of the business cards you give out in a year, do you want them to have incorrect contact information just because you changed your Internet service provider?

Free Email Services

If you are not interested in purchasing a domain name and a web/email hosting package, there are alternatives.

Many services offer free email. Gmail, from Google, is in my opinion the best. Yahoo mail and MSN Hotmail are other options. These services have been free for a while now, though they could always change their minds and start charging.

I am of the opinion that using one of these credible, free email services is far better than being stuck with your ISP email.


While not necessary, getting your own domain name and having email through it ( will make your business appear more professional.

It takes a long time to tell everyone you know about changing your address and to change all of the services that use your email account to the new one. The longer you wait, the longer it will take then.

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In his free time, Bob is a volunteer Firefighter / EMT and has served on the boards of several not-for-profit groups.

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