Web Hosting, Email Hosting and Domains

If you already have hosting, you should contact Bob to see if you are paying too much.

When a person tries to visit a web site there needs to be a computer out there to answer the request. You can think of it similar to when you dial a phone number and an answering machine picks up. If you have your own web site, you need web hosting.

You buy a domain name from a registrar, then you buy email and web hosting. 

You can get all of these services from a trustworthy provider, one bill to pay, one point of contact.

Our sites are hosted in a world-class data center by a top-tier provider.

The quality of the web and email hosting provided will not be matched at the prices offered. Basic email and web hosting packages start at $15/month and are more than suitable for most needs.

Many hosting companies do not care about their individual customers. Bob gives his expert attention to each one.

If you are considering another host you should at least speak with Bob first. If you have any questions about hosting capabilities or would like more information on any topic, feel free to contact Bob at your convenience.