Professional Web Sites

Bob consistently delivers quality sites on time and on budget.

Our process typically includes:

  • Years of experience help with properly planning your project.
  • Once a careful plan is laid out, the arrangement is formalized.
  • The customization of a content management system takes place quickly.
  • Data entry begins and the content of your site can be worked on while the layout is still in development.
  • A theme is chosen, along with the option of bringing in a graphic designer to work on the layout.
  • SEO techniques are an integral part of the development of the site so it will rank well in search engines.
  • After thorough revisions are complete the site is deployed.
  • Google Analytics is used to track the visitors to your site.
  • Over time site traffic and search engine placement are reviewed.
  • Internet marketing techniques are considered and implemented as required.

There are many companies and individuals that offer services relating to web sites and web development. Many are simply resellers of other services or lack the proper skills and experience to achieve project goals. Bob does the work himself, his prices are reasonable, his quality of work is excellent and you will save money down the road on maintenance costs. You will not be disappointed by the services offered.

Bob may be able to work on your existing site.  He "inherits" many sites that were abandoned by previous developers and turns them around.

Even if you are happy with your existing site, you should think about the following:

  • Improving text and images.
  • Look for areas to improve search engine rankings.
  • Evaluate page load times and correct errors.
  • Set up a system to allow you to easily modify certain parts of your site, for example the home page or weekly specials.
  • Analyze traffic to your site.
  • Assess your web hosting environment and possibly find you better value.
  • And last but most importantly, make sure your domain names are under your control.

Bob has taken web projects in varying states of disarray and turned them into functional, performing assets. He has experience dealing with a variety of content management systems including Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress.