Internet Marketing

There are a lot of options to market your business on the Internet.

First and foremost, you want to show up in the results when someone is searching for you or your product.

The normal search results, as in not paid for ads, are called "organic" results. Search engine optimization is a term used to describe techniques to improve your "organic" ranking.

Paid search results are not included in the main index, but do appear on the page. The results may be above the first "organic" result or over to the right side of the page. There are many different advertising platforms available. If you decide to pay for online advertising, you want to make sure to manage your investment effectively.

The use of social media is growing in almost all age groups. Most social media campaigns Bob runs are effective and result in increased sales and developing brand loyalty.  Your social media profiles can work against you if not properly maintained. It is important to moderate content as well as keep users engaged.

There are many ways to generate business using the Internet. Bob has the knowledge and experience to help make effective use of your advertising dollars.

  • Google Analytics will be set up if you are not already using it to track the visits to your site.  Measuring traffic and sources of traffic is key to assessing the performance of various types of advertising.
  • The effectiveness of different techniques for search engine optimization will be considered.
  • We will map out your advertising goals, relevant keywords and specific demographics to target.
  • Google Ads campaigns can be set up and you are given full control over them.  You make your payments for your ads directly to Google, usually by pre-paying and keeping a balance with Google. Bob can typically offer a $100 free credit with Google to get you started.
  • Facebook Ads and other ad platforms are considered
  • The performance of various forms of advertising can be monitored and things are adjusted as necessary or as requested.


Why should you consider Google Ads?

Google Ads can be the most effective marketing tool for many businesses and you would hard pressed to find a better use of your advertising dollars. Even a modest budget can lead to new customers.

Know exactly how many people view your ad.
It is hard to accurately measure your reach with traditional forms of advertising. Advertisers may tell you that a certain number of people may view your print ad. They may say that the nightly news averages so many viewers each day. They may tell you how many phone books are delivered to an area. These estimates may be misleading. With Google Ads you know specifically how many times people see your ad and how often they click on your ad.

Target people already looking for what you are selling.
With traditional forms of advertising, your ad gets displayed to everyone regardless of if the person is actively interested in one of your products or not. With the Google Ads platform you can target people who are looking for specific items or services that you offer. Someone searching for a particular item is already engaged in the process of assessing whether to purchase that item or service. You can specifically advertise to these people who are already looking for what you offer.

Control your budget and evaluate your ROI.
You will know exactly how many people are seeing your ad and exactly how many clicks it receives. You can specify how much you want to spend per campaign per day. You will see exactly how much you are paying per click. Your budget is up to you and you can specify a maximum amount to spend per day. You can create focused campaigns and ads for specific parts of your business. You can vary your ad spending and content by season. The Google Ads platform is very powerful and would meet the needs of even a large, multi-national corporation.

Hire a competent professional to set up your campaigns.
Bob Lindquist has been individually qualified in the Google Ads certification program for years. This demonstrates proven knowledge of how to use Google's powerful advertising platform for your business. Bob currently manages a number of successful Google Ads campaigns and is pleased to be able to offer his services to your business. Anyone can go to the Google Ads web site and set up an account, but to get effective use of your ad dollars you need a pro.

Once you realize the benefits of hiring an Internet marketing professional, call Bob.