What aspects of your business can be made more efficient?

When running a business, one needs to keep track of a lot of information.

Some people use a shoebox full of index cards.  Others use a Microsoft Excel sheet that rquired some employee to spend hours each week trying to keep it together.

Businesses often are using Excel to track critical info.  Would you like to be able to enter data once and use it in many reports and places?  Bob can help you eliminate or minimize repetitive tasks and reduce the possibility of errors.

Many businesses use QuickBooks to track most of their info.  There are likely business processes that can be improved and tracked with a custom system.  When you run into things you would like to track about each customer that QuickBooks can't handle, Bob may be able to come up with a way to supplement it.

For desktop and mobile clients, FileMaker Pro is an excellent choice and with the right person building your solution, it can really come together.

How do you track all of the following:

  • Client Info, Contacts, Referrals
  • Billing, Invoices, Accounting, Expenses
  • To Do, Calendars
  • Recurring Services, Monthly Agreements
  • Marketing, Mailings, Email Lists
  • Bank Accounts
  • Budgets, Monthly, Yearly, One-Time
  • Employees, Payroll, Training, Issued Equipment
  • Inventory, Locations, Types, Depreciation, Maintenance
  • Project Management, Estimates
  • Products, Inventory, On Order, Vendors

These are just examples.  A database can be made to track almost anything.

Example FileMaker Databases that Bob has created:

  • Postcard reminders for a cleaning company that need to be sent out at certain intervals
  • System to manage IT department for a school, including open issues, network and much more
  • System to track frozen embryo storage for a fertility clinic, handled tracking storage, billing
  • System to manage an IT consulting firm
  • System to manage aspects of necessary record keeping for fire departments
  • System to manage various aspects of communication for not-for-profit clients
  • System to track mail order and internet sales and manage inventory, ordering and financials

A FileMaker database is a good way to turn information you would like to track into a real system that you and your employees can use.  You can save time, be organized and possibly improve the efficiency of your operations.